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Fume hood monitors
FM100 / FM500 monitoring systems from SCHNEIDER are designed for monitoring the ventilation function of laboratory extractors. Laboratory extractors with variable or constant volumetric flow are monitored safely and reliably by the FM100 / FM500 systems.
Fume hood controllers
Laboratory extractor control systems FC and iCM from SCHNEIDER are designed for controlling laboratory extractor flow rates according to need. Laboratory extractors with variable or constant exhaust volumetric flows are regulated reliably at speed with precision.
Display panels
SCHNEIDER offers a wide range of different displays. All function displays are suitable for product groups:

Product group Device type
Fume hood monitors FM100, FM500, LC100
Fume hood controllers FC500, LR300, LCR300

This range ensures that an ideal solution can be supplied to fulfill customers‘ technical requirements. The technical data of the available standard displays are described on the datasheet.
Automatic sash controller
The automatic front sash controller is the ideal addition to SCHNEIDER FC and iCM laboratory extractor control systems. Full automatic closure of the front sash if operating personnel leave the laboratory extractor work area.
Room controller
Laboratory rooms with several laboratory extractors call for complex room air supply and extractor control systems. Rapid changes in exhaust flow rates have to be detected immediately and appropriate adjustment made to the necessary air supply and exhaust.
Room control panel
The multi-functional and user-programmable room management controller takes over the complete operating mode control and monitoring of a laboratory room.
RMC700 is the HMI (Human Machine Interface) between the laboratory personnel and the building management system (BMS). The plain text messages with custom graphic symbols (icons) and with multi coloured backlight allowing a clear and simple priority-driven allocation of the actual operating conditions.
Parameterisation of LabSystem products
All LabSystem products from SCHNEIDER are universally programmable. All parameters can be programmed and called up via the LON network and, if necessary, on-site using the service module or PC software.
Variable volumetric flow controllers
Variable volumetric flow controllers (VAV) regulate room air supply and exhaust extraction according to needs. The result is a pleasant and healthy room atmosphere with controlled air circulation. The high-speed variable volumetric flow controllers from SCHNEIDER are designed specially for use in laboratory premises.
Constant volume flow controller
The mechanical flow controller CAV works automatically without power supply and keeps the flow rate set point constant within close tolerances.
The constant volume flow controller CAV is suitable for supply and exhaust air flow control.
The desired volume flow rate setpoint is presetted and can be adjusted on site during installation. Easy assembly by free mounting position and maintenance free operation ensures high availability.
Cleanroom technique + Room pressure contoller
For use as a room pressure control system for maintaining constant room pressure. Clean rooms or laboratories must be maintained in a state of constant positive or negative pressure relative to neighbouring rooms (e.g. corridor). Depending on the area of application, the infiltration or leakage of contaminated or impure air with excess levels of dust is thus avoided.
Fire protection + Smoke protection
Please contact us for customized solutions.
Filter technology
Please contact us for customized solutions.
LON product summary
We place our full confidence in the LON network. This is where you will find a complete summary of the LON network products from SCHNEIDER.
Building management systems
With the PAD-3000, SCHNEIDER offers a complete building services management system specially for laboratory control systems. All parameters, setpoint and actual values of the LabSystem product range are available on the graphic interface of the building services management computer.
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